Förlagshuset i Göteborg is an association of book publishers who through collaboration want to support the development of small publishing houses. By working together we make it easier for small publishing companies to meet the rapidly shifting conditions in the trade and make it possible to share common resources. The Members' varying publishing lines give Förlagshuset a broad profile: fiction, poetry, non-fiction, sheet music, etc.

In addition to those mentioned above our premises accomodate a number of other activities. For example the editiorial staff of Lira Musikmagasin and the online magazine Dixikon as well as several translators, journalists and a couple of communication bureaus.

Since October 1, 1999 we are located in the old warehouse, Lagerhuset, in the centre of Göteborg. Lagerhuset houses various activities, several from the cultural sector. For example Tidskriftverkstan, Ord & bild, Paletten, Glänta, Offside Press and Frilagret, a cultural hub for young people (and a café open on a daily basis). Also, we have the privilege of having restaurant Schnitzelplatz Lagerhuset on the ground floor. Last, but not least, Litteraturhuset, a meeting place for writers, literature and people
in Gothenburg.

Address: Heurlins plats 1, 413 01 Göteborg
Email: kontoret@forlagshuset.se
Internet: www.forlagshuset.se

Contact person: Felix Björelid